Some vehicle engines have a hard time producing adequate amounts of power while minimizing fuel usage. Unlike such gas-guzzling engines, the 2018 Ford Taurus EcoBoost motor provides drivers like you with plenty of extra power, competitive gas mileage, and reduced greenhouse emissions.

The 2018 Taurus EcoBoost motor uses complimentary turbochargers and direct injection technologies to deliver robust performance levels. The EcoBoost turbocharger system pressurizes incoming air streams in order to provide higher power potentials at the piston level. At the same time, the direct injection apparatus provides each individual cylinder with electronically controlled fuel infusions. This design economizes on fuel usage while promoting power production.

Here at our location in the Orlando and Kissimmee area, we are happy to offer customers like you free tours and trial runs of our fleet of test-drive ready 2018 Ford Taurus sedans. To enjoy your own test drive, swing by Mullinax Ford of Kissimmee today.



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