Full-size pickup trucks pack a lot of power. The popular Ford F-150 is no exception. Interestingly, the powerful model also comes with impressive fuel economy. Reduced fuel consumption cuts down on the expenses for owners. So, solid fuel economy is a trait those shopping for a pickup truck shouldn't ignore.

30 MPG for highway driving tells the tale. Anyone wondering about the figures for the F-150's fuel economy can simply look at those highway stats. The MPG rating doesn't come from Ford either. The EPA serves as the credible third-party establishing those figures.

The fuel economy also comes with massive power. The diesel engine delivers 250 horsepower along with 440 lb.-ft. of torque. The impressive figures reveal procuring a solid number of miles per gallon doesn't automatically mean a weaker engine.

Specs only tell the tale on paper. Visit us at Mullinax Ford of Kissimmee to take a new Ford F-150 out for a test drive.



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